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Accelerating innovation Revolutionizing performance

Hardware, meet Software

Today's vehicle includes thousands of software components. As the amount of software increases, so does the effort required to make different systems work as a whole. A unified platform reduces complexity, streamlines development, enables seamless integration, and reduces security risks.

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End-to-end engineering excellence

Volkswagen Automotive Cloud is a major part of a comprehensive end-to-end software platform that also includes an in-vehicle operating system and capabilities that enable automated and autonomous driving, infotainment, mobile app services, and more.

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Intelligent cloud, Intelligent vehicles

Volkswagen Automotive Cloud will soon process data from millions of vehicles around the globe. This includes data about the performance and condition of the vehicle, battery charging, remote services, the vehicle's surroundings, weather, accidents or near-accidents, service history, and much more. This data will be used to unlock new conveniences for drivers and passengers.

a conceptual illustration representing a flow between a light bulb floating over a hand representing idea creation, a vehicle, a battery, data layers, and the cloud
a conceptual illustration representing a flow of data from sensors, actuators, the chassis, LIDAR, infotainment, and other components in the car through an edge gateway to the cloud; and from cloud-enabled applications including EV services, fleet management, ADAS and autonomous driving capabilities flowing back into to the car via over-the-air updates

Use cases

Volkswagen Automotive Cloud helps automotive brands easily build cloud-enabled applications, gain actionable insights from data, and deliver continuous value throughout the vehicle's lifecycle.

an electric vehicle
Electric Vehicle Services

Put your mind at ease when going on a long trip. See battery status and recommended charging stations.

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Emergency Services

Receive alerts about road hazards ahead. Get quick roadside assistance or emergency services.

a remote control
Remote Services

Use your phone to lock/unlock your car, start it, adjust the seats, and get the temperature to where you like it.

a car with a dotted line to a navigation point
Intelligent Navigation & Parking

Find a parking spot and pay for parking automatically. Forgot where you parked? You can locate it remotely.

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Maintenance & Repair

Predict maintenance needs, receive updates automatically to fix them or seamlessly schedule repairs.

multiple cars
Fleet Management

Monitor the health of your fleet. Simplify fleet management, system integration, vehicle tracking, and more.

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Concierge Services

Auto-pay for tolls. Order take-out with your voice. Get discounted insurance rates based on good behavior.

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Software Updates

Get the latest updates over-the-air and desired features on-demand. Evolve and customize your experience.

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Data-driven Development

Companies can harness big data to improve their offerings and deliver more value to customers.

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Cloud components

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Big data processing

Store and process massive amounts of data securely and reliably. Import data directly from vehicles and legacy systems into a common data model. Make accurate predictions.

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Vehicle management

Easily pair vehicles and fleets to the cloud. Define its capabilities from the factory to the dealer to the customer, including special modes like valet and anti-theft.

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Service management

Build and manage apps that deliver connected experiences from inside the car or anywhere. Enable remote controls. Make the car a seamless extension of our connected lives.

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OTA Updates

Deploy over-the-air updates and on demand features. Use remote monitoring and telemetry to send important information in real-time about hazards, maintenance, etc.

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Developer Tools

Go from proof-of-concept to production quickly using helpful APIs, SDKs, and tools for testing, data visualization, model development, DevOps, etc.

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Trust builders

Underneath all of this, a robust infrastructure ensures Zero Trust security, regulatory compliance, global support, reliability and scalability.

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