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Reinventing the road trip

A radical transformation

For generations, Volkswagen AG has included a collection of legendary brands. Volkswagen alone has been one of the bestselling automobile brands in the world. Today the Group has rewritten the playbook, transforming their approach to vehicles from hardware-driven to software-defined. Software innovation enables the Group to achieve its goals.

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More Sustainable

Build the best electric drives with greater range and shorter charging times. Volkswagen AG is investing billions to electrify the portfolio and meet Paris Climate Agreement goals.

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Continue to inspire customers and set the standard in quality and design. Enable seamless, personalized experiences while continuously improving them.

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Make getting around safer, easier, and more accessible. Self-driving technology has the potential to minimize human error and reduce crashes. Eliminate the stress of driving and enjoy the ride.

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New mobility options can reduce traffic congestion, and offer independence to the disabled and vision-impaired. Make everyday life easier and more enjoyable for all.

The cloud is the key enabler

The cloud is vital to the Volkswagen AG's strategy and key to delivering on their ambitious goals. In September 2018, Volkswagen AG's Supervisory Board approved the creation of Volkswagen Automotive Cloud, a limited liability company located in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft, our strategic partner, provided comprehensive hands-on support while the team ramped up in 2019 and 2020.

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Building an end-to-end mobility platform

Volkswagen Automotive Cloud works closely with Volkswagen AG companies like CARIAD which develops software in five central areas.

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Connected Car & Device Platform

Transform multiple backends into one cloud and operating system

dashboard instrumentation and navigation
Intelligent Body & Cockpit

Develop a cross-brand standardized cockpit and body platform

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Automated Driving

Build cross-brand autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems

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Vehicle Motion & Energy

Develop powertrain, chassis, and charging features using high performance computing

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Digital Business & Mobility Services

Deliver and manage digital customer experience and mobility services

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See what's under the hood

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